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Walls, Masonry and Render

North facing walls and overshadowed areas are prone to developing algae and moss build ups. These areas can be cleaned and treated to help prevent regrowth.

Outdoor Accessory Jet Wash Cleaning

Keeping your garden and outdoor accessories clean can be difficult so why not add an accessory clean to one of our other services? We can clean most types of outdoor furniture, water features and ornaments - even your bird bath!

Stone Paving and Patio Cleaning and Protection

Keep your patios and paving clean and ready for use all year round. Cleaning away algae, dirt and build up will keep your outdoor space not only looking its best but also safe and useable throughout the seasons. Once clean, why not protect the surface for years to come with a top quality sealant?

Tarmac Care and Restore

Over time, once black tarmac will turn grey and discoloured. We offer a service to restore the appearance of your tarmac to the day it was laid and even make minor repairs to the surface.

Block Paving Care

Using the latest in pressure cleaning technology, YTP will revitalise your block paving to its best. We can remove oil stains and carry out small repairs to your paving. Once cleaned, the joints will be re-sanded; you can then upgrade your block paving by adding a top coat of seal which prevents staining and makes cleaning easier.

Decking Cleaning and Oiling

Don't allow your decking to become a slip hazard or to prematurely decay, keep it free from dirt and algae. Once clean, why not treat your decking with quality oil to preserve it for longer?

Roof Cleaning and Treatments

Remove moss and debris from your roof to prevent costly leaks and improve the appearance of your home. YTP will then treat your roof with a biocide which acts over time to restore the colour of your roof, kill any remaining moss and help to prevent regrowth.

Solar Panel Cleaning

To keep your solar panels in top working order, they must be free from dirt and debris which builds up over time. This is not washed off by rain alone and so requires a professional clean.

Gutter Cleaning

Often an overlooked area of home maintenance. A clean and free flowing gutter prevents damage, unsightly overflow and avoids water penetration in to your home. With our 32-foot gutter cleaner, we can effectively reach and clean gutters up to a 3 storey height!

Fascia and Soffit Cleaning

Fascias and soffits are often an overlooked aspect of house care. These coverings are often made from uPVC plastics and can be hard to reach, meaning that they can easily be neglected. With our long reach equipment, we can ensure that they are cleaned effectively to prevent lasting discolouration.